of Quality

Assurance of Quality in all our projects has always been the underlying factor of our work culture. We have a standardized Quality Management System that is adaptable to individual customer requirements and Project specifications. The system is regularly audited and we are certified under ISO 9001:2015 for our Quality Management System.

It is an integral part of our Quality policy to deliver services in conformity with contract requirements, on time, and with the best possible quality standards to our customers, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

We place particular emphasis on experience, expertise and quality of service. To this end, all employees of the Company are trained and responsible for the quality of the task they perform. Our efforts are always to move the emphasis from detection of defects to their prevention.

To this end, we have concentrated our efforts onto efficient control of quality in raw materials, construction procedures and finished products.

In order to achieve these aims, we maintain an effective and efficient quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015, to ensure checks on all aspects of construction activities including continual and timely testing of all raw materials, design control over construction process that form part of the finished structure, resource control, ensuring the use of trained man power, supervision and efficient mechanical equipment.

Finally, validating of finished products that include detailed testing and documentation to ensure the best possible quality standards.