The Board

Shabbir Shamsi

Along with the late Mr. A. A. Talib, he is the co-founder of the Company and our present Chairman. His presence brings to the Company his vast all-round and hands-on experience in civil construction.

Zafar Shamsi
Managing Director | B.E. (Civil) Hons., F.I.E.

Amjad Shamsi
Managing Director | B.E. (Const.) Hons., F.I.E.

Both joined the company soon after graduation.

Together with a competent professional team, they share responsibilities for making bids & securing projects, execution, ensuring profitability, quality & timely completion of projects, identifying modern equipments and techniques for efficient and swift construction.

They specialize in handling of large scale projects.

Zahir Fatehi
Director – Finance | B.Com. Hons., (Fin. Mgmt.)

With a watchful and competent finance team, he ensures compliance of accounting procedures and taxation matters. Keeps his mind alert to avoid possible pitfalls.

Murad Talib

Son of the Late Mr. A. A. Talib, he is a shareholder & director on our board. His prime interest lies in real estate development.